Worried a root canal will kill your tooth? Our dentist at Dental Beauty Islington debunks root canal myths

There are few dental patients who would be happy at the news that they need a root canal.

Associated with treating infection deep within the tooth, root canals are often performed post-infection or injury and are, in some ways, very similar to filling an entire tooth to prevent bacteria from causing any further damage.

Nevertheless, despite its uses in dental care, it is one of the most unliked of all dental procedures and at Dental Beauty Islington, we think we know why!

At Dental Beauty Islington, our dentist in Islington has helped hundreds of patients to restore their smile and their tooth or teeth using a root canal, and so, we know this treatment inside out. But with our expertise comes knowledge of the myths that surround this procedure and as mentioned earlier, we think these little white lies can explain why so few people are eager about this treatment.

So, in this article, our dentist in Islington debunks the most common myths about root canals, so you can learn the truth about endodontics. Enjoy!

It kills the tooth

No, it doesn’t!

When our dentist in Islington performs a root canal, they will need to drill into the roots of the tooth to remove the infected debris. However, this will not kill the tooth and, if anything, a root canal promotes the longevity of the affected tooth by restoring its functionality. Great stuff!

It is painful

Once again, this is false.

As the first course of action, our dental team will always ensure that your mouth is numbed before beginning a root canal. And secondly, once the treatment is done and you have gone home, you are likely to notice a decrease in any discomfort you had when you were experiencing the abscess.

It can make you ill

This is an odd myth and we can only presume that it is due to the link of how ill people feel when they are having a root canal performed.

The treatment seeks to remove the infection from the tooth and so, it certainly does not make you ill. You may still feel under the weather for a few days post-treatment as you recover from your infection but this is normal. If you have any concerns about feeling unwell following any dental treatment, talk to our team.

It can cause issues if you are pregnant

No, it can’t.

If you are at any stage of pregnancy, it is safe to have a root canal performed. If our team needs to take X-Rays to perform a root canal, don’t worry. Modern X-Rays use a very small dose of radiation and a single X-Ray will not cause any issues.

It just delays a tooth extraction

Many people worry that if they have a root canal, it is simply delaying the need for a dental extraction.

But correctly performed, a root canal will last the rest of your life, allowing the tooth to function as it did prior to the infection. Now that’s handy!

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