Why nervous dental patients have nothing to fear with modern dentistry

Nervous dental patients across the country are being pleasantly surprised by the advances in modern dentistry that are helping them to beat their fears and get back to oral health. Dental Beauty Islington in North London is experienced in working with nervous dental patients, and Principal Dentist Dr Ricky Adams is Dental Phobia certified, meaning his work with anxious and phobic patients is officially recognised.

nervous-dental-patientsWhatever the cause of your fear, the team at our North London clinic will work with you to help you overcome your fears and anxieties and get any treatment you may need. Nervous dental patients cite all manner of causes of their fear of the dentist. These include:

A bad experience during childhood. Some dentists aren’t experienced or adept at working with children, but at our North London clinic we welcome patients of all ages, helping to ensure your child’s experience of the dentist is always a positive one.

Fear of judgement if oral health has fallen into disrepair. At Dental Beauty Islington in North London we will never judge you if your teeth and gums are in less than perfect condition, whether through anxiety about treatment or for any other reason. We know this would be counterproductive with nervous dental patients, more likely to scare them away for good than to persist in battling their fears and getting back to good health.

Specific triggers, such as the needle, or a drill. If you talk to your North London dentist away from the clinical environment, you can tell them of any triggers you may have. We can arrange for any sharp or triggering objects to be kept out of sight when you come into the surgery, to help you relax. We also offer the option of in-chair entertainment for nervous dental patients. This means you can watch a DVD, listen to your favourite music or radio station to drown out the sound of the drill.

Hypnosis and sedation

Many of the nervous dental patients who visit our North London clinic benefit from treatment under hypnosis or conscious sedation. We have fully-qualified hypnotists and sedationists available for all patients.

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