Nervous patients and dental implants in North London

You are thinking about getting dental implants, or perhaps you have already made the decision to have one or more. What happens now? To some people, the mere thought of oral surgery is very intimidating and scary. It doesn’t have to be. Regardless of the number of implants you need in order to replace your teeth, oral sedation can provide soothing and comfortable relaxation for nervous dental patients.

At Dental Beauty Islington, we appreciate that some people are nervous about undergoing dental treatment. We are here to help create a relaxed and pain-free experience for you. For patients who are very nervous or suffer a high degree of anxiety, there a number of effective ways to have dental implants in North London without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Dental Implants in North LondonOral sedation

Oral sedation is quite easy to administer as it uses pills to deliver the sedative medications. Oral sedation is quite light but effective to aid the patient feel relaxed throughout the implant surgery. Patients who opt for oral sedation remain conscious throughout the procedure, yet feel very comfortable and experience no pain at all.

IV sedation

Intravenous sedation (commonly known as IV sedation) is recommended for patients who suffer a high degree of anxiety and require a more controlled way in order to maintain comfort and relaxation. IV sedation is injected directly into the bloodstream. Unlike total anaesthesia, the patient remains conscious throughout the treatment and can communicate with the dentist if needed.

As IV sedation is a much stronger form of sedation, at Dental Beauty Islington, we have a special team of dentists who administer this treatment for our patients. With IV sedation, we also use a normal dental local anaesthetic around the dental implant sites.

What do you have to do before a sedation treatment?

For all surgical procedures needing either oral sedation or IV sedation, you will have some pre- and post-surgery instructions, which your dentist will provide well in advance. In both cases, you are advised to arrive and leave the dental practice accompanied.

Are you a nervous patient interested in dental implants in North London? Contact our dental practice today to learn more about our sedation options.

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