Nervous dental patients have nothing to fear thanks to advances in modern dentistry

Nervous dental patients are increasingly able to conquer their fears and get back to full oral health thanks to modern dental advances. Dental Beauty Islington in North London offers a number of options for nervous dental patients, and the dedicated and caring staff will work with you to find the perfect route back to health.

nervous-dental-patientsBeing afraid of the dentist isn’t uncommon, and certainly isn’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact, in a recent survey one in ten UK adults classed themselves as nervous dental patients, and admitted that they never or rarely visited a dental practice.

The problem is that, without regular check-ups from a dentist and appointments with a hygienist, oral health can quickly fall into disrepair. This in turn can lead to infection, pain, and a great deal of emotional distress – which only serves to make nervous dental patients feel worse.

At our North London practice, our principal dentist, Dr Ricky Adams, is Dental Phobia certified. This means he is recognised and accredited for his work with nervous dental patients. The whole of the team at our North London clinic shares this ethos of treating nervous dental patients with respect, care, and understanding.

North London nervous dental patients: your options

There are several options available to nervous dental patients at our North London clinic, and the team will take the time to find the one that works best for you.

Sometimes, discussing the advances made in dentistry since a patient has last visited a practice (which can be decades in some cases) is enough to put a nervous patient’s mind at rest. However, when a little extra help is needed, there are several routes you can take.

In-chair entertainment

Nervous dental patients can distract themselves from the practice environment by watching a DVD or listening to music during many procedures.


Hypnotherapy can help nervous dental patients not just in the short-term – to get any urgent treatment they need – but can also provide techniques for self-management of anxiety in the future.

Dental sedation

A range of sedative options are available to make you largely unaware of any treatment.

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