How Invisalign works video

Invisalign works using aligners. Thin, clear plastic covers which are worn by the patient nearly full time.


I often send this video to patients who want to know a little bit more about how Invisalign works.

We always cover this during our free consultations, however, what I love about this video ,is that it helps give patients a glimpse into the technology and science behind how Invisalign works. As well as showing a few examples of actual patients who have had it done, talking about how it was for them.

More about how Invisalign works

They are designed in a series. Such that your first aligners is where your teeth are today, and your last aligner is where your teeth are to end up.

Each aligner along the series is in a slightly more moved or rotated position closer towards the new shape of your smile.

Each week at home, you as the patients would change over to your next aligner. As this aligner is slightly more moved along in the desired position, it puts pressure on the teeth which is what will causes teeth to move.

Typically once you have started your treatment you’ll visit us every 6-8 weeks. This is usually tailored to suit each patients needs.

In essence that is how Invisalign works.

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