Helping nervous dental patients beat their fears – from hypnosis to conscious sedation

In the 21st Century, nervous dental patients have a number of options available to them to help them get back to oral health. At Dental Beauty Islington in North London, we are highly experienced in treating nervous dental patients, and our principal dentist, Dr Ricky Adams, is Dental Phobia certified.

nervous-dental-patientsNervous dental patients cite a number of causes of their fear or phobia. It may have been a negative experience during childhood, or could be provoked by a specific trigger such as the sound of a drill or the sight of a needle.

Others fear being judged if their oral health has fallen into disrepair because they haven’t visited a dentist in many years. At our North London clinic, you need not fear being judged if your teeth and gums are in less than perfect condition. We believe that being judgemental will only serve to strengthen nervous dental patients’ fears, making it even harder for them to get treatment in the future.

We want only to help you back to good dental health, and to help you to maintain it in the future. Our whole team is sympathetic to the need of nervous dental patients, and we will take the time to work with you to help you get the treatment you need and the smile you deserve.

North London treatment options for nervous dental patients

There are several options available to nervous dental patients at our North London dental clinic. We’ll start with a relaxed and informal conversation; a lot of people who haven’t visited a dentist for decades are pleasantly surprised by the advances in modern dentistry.

Some people benefit from in-chair entertainment – watching a film or listening to music as a way to distract themselves from the practice environment.

We also offer treatment under hypnosis, from a fully qualified dental hypnotherapist, or under conscious sedation, which involves the use of a range of sedative drugs to bring about a state of deep relaxation and peace.

Whilst you won’t be asleep when under sedation, you will be largely unaware of any treatment. Most people remember little about it afterwards.

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