Got a pain in your tooth? Five FAQs about dental emergencies with Dental Beauty Islington

It can feel like the earth has stopped spinning; you are working away at your job and suddenly, after sipping a coffee, you are met with a sharp pain underneath your tooth.


At first, you brush it off as being a bit of sensitivity, but as the day goes on, the discomfort gets worse until you are taking over the counter pain medication to relieve it.

This scenario, or others like it, are surprisingly common in the UK and, while unpleasant to go through, these are the times when you need to know that your dental surgery will be able to slot you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

At Dental Beauty Islington, we know that you never want to have to see an emergency dentist in Islington, but just in case you need to, we have one on site! Prioritising to fit you in with a same-day appointment, our dentists will carefully examine the area and will aim to get you back on your feet as soon as they can.

But, how is an emergency dentist in Islington different from a regular one? The answer to this and more questions about dental emergencies are found below.

How is a regular dentist different from an emergency one?

Similar to the difference between a nurse working at a GP surgery and one who works in a hospital, an emergency dentist in Islington is going to have more experience at treating common dental emergencies, such as abscesses or chipped teeth.

Our emergency practitioner at Dental Beauty Islington will aim to ensure that you are completely comfortable before proceeding with treatment, and unlike regular dentists, they will only focus on the area of the emergency issue.

Will an emergency practitioner be able to resolve the issue?

Often, yes.

If your emergency is related to a chipped, cracked or decayed tooth, many emergency teams will be able to repair these problems immediately.

However, for more complicated issues, like infections, our team will aim to resolve the pain as the first course of action and you may require a further appointment with a member of our team for a root canal.

Am I experiencing a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies often involve a great deal of discomfort as one of the main symptoms, but if you notice a chipped tooth or have an unusual lump in your mouth, it is worth booking a same-day appointment just to be extra cautious.

Are emergency dental teams available 24 hours a day?

At Dental Beauty Islington, our emergency team is available Monday to Saturday within regular appointment hours.

If you need urgent treatment outside these hours, contact your local hospital to see their onsite dental team.

What if I have an infection?

Infections are a common cause of dental emergencies and our team will attempt to numb the area fully before attempting treatment.

Often, we will prescribe a course of antibiotics as a first step and book you in for a follow-up appointment for further treatment options, like a root canal or extraction.

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