Float through implant surgery

If you are a nervous dental patient, you know how easy it is to put off going to the dentist. Perhaps it is the noise of the drill that sets your anxiety rising. Maybe it’s the injections that the unnecessary adrenaline coursing through your veins. Did you have a terrifying ogre for a dentist when you were a kid and now, no matter how you try to use logic, every dentist’s face starts to morph into theirs? Whatever the reason for your fear of the dentist, please don’t join the legions of people suffering in silence as their teeth and gums succumb to disease and their quality of life diminishes as a result.

Dental Implants in North LondonHere at Dental Beauty Islington, we have several ways to help you regain your calm, and so open up avenues that you may have thought would always be closed to you, such as having dental implants. In North London, this method is becoming the go-to solution for missing teeth. This is because dental implants get rid of the added inconveniences that come with traditional teeth replacement systems, namely bridges and dentures.

The problem for nervous dental patients is that to have dental implants in North London, you have to undergo minor oral surgery, under local anaesthetic, with a drill. See, it’s the ‘D’ word isn’t it? Hear that word and people start imagining unimaginable pain. But here at Dental Beauty Islington, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can offer you either oral or intravenous sedation to help you fully relax throughout your treatment with dental implants in North London.

Oral sedation

This comes in the form of a tablet, which you take on the morning of your treatment, before you leave home. The typical sedation drug is called Halcion, a member of the Valium family. It takes about an hour to kick in, and will make you groggy. You may even fall asleep, but can be awoken with a gentle shake of the arm.

Intravenous sedation

This is delivered straight into your bloodstream, either through the back of your hand or into your arm. Once again, you may fall asleep, but can be easily awoken and able to understand and communicate.

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