Don’t get taken by surprise

The thing with accidents is that you never think they are going to happen to you. Unless you work in heath and safety, you probably don’t think twice when you get on your bike to go to work, or you grab your skateboard to go and have some fun. But the more sports you play, the more likely you are to do yourself an injury. So, even though, we all hope the day will never come when you need us as your emergency dentist in North London, we suggest you prepare yourself for a face plant.

If, while you are out there zooming along on your bike and someone opens their car door on you, you might well flip over and land on your face and lose some precious teeth. While you are picking yourself out of the road, in a bit of a panic because your teeth are still lying in front of you, don’t forget to pick them up too.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonHere’s the drill for a face plant with loss of teeth:

Get up and grab your teeth

London streets are dangerous, get out of the way of traffic, but grab your teeth if you can. Pick them up by the crowns, not the roots. You are going to need those fleshy bits and handling them might damage them.

Put them back in your mouth

Yes, if you can bear to, try and fit your teeth into back into their sockets. If you can’t manage it, tuck them inside your cheek.

Ring Dental Beauty Islington

Store our number in your phone right now and then, if the worst happens, you don’t have to try and remember where we are, you can just call. Tell us you’ve had your teeth knocked out and we will do our utmost to fit you in for an appointment with the emergency dentist in North London as soon as possible. If you can get to us within two hours, there’s a good chance we can save your teeth.

Get here, carefully

You will be in a state of shock, so if someone can accompany you to the emergency dentist in North London, it will help. And don’t swallow your teeth on your way here.

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