Dental implants…don’t worry, relax

Does the thought of the dentist and their drill send shivers down your spine? Do you tremble with terror at the image of an injection needle poised over your helpless, gaping mouth? If those two sentences made you break out in a cold sweat, you may be one of the many people who suffers from dentophobia.

It’s a real phobia and at Dental Beauty Islington, we take it seriously. We know this phobia and its many triggers, stops people coming for regular check-ups. Problems that could have been so easily prevented, develop and grow, and before you know it, your gums are infected and your teeth are falling out. If that’s what has happened to you, don’t let your fear stop you from the greatest advance in dentistry in North London: dental implants.

Dental Implants in North LondonWhat are dental implants?

These little beauties can give you your life back after you’ve lost teeth, but you have to go through minor oral surgery to get them. That’s because in order for us to fit dental implants in North London, we need to drill into your jawbone to create new sockets. Implants don’t just replace the crowns of your teeth, they replace the root as well.

Having roots makes all the difference to teeth, just as it does to trees. When a tree falls over in a wooded hillside, leaving a big hole, over time the surrounding trees can tip into that hole. Teeth do likewise. Sockets without teeth are an open invitation to surrounding teeth to fall into them. Not only that, but your jawbone, with no roots jiggling imperceptibly around in their sockets saying ‘I’m here!’, thinks it’s not needed anymore and starts to dissolve itself.

Dentures can’t stop that happening. Bridges can’t either. The only thing that can save you from an increasingly collapsed saggy face is new roots. And that’s what dental implants in North London do. Please, don’t be scared. Come in and let us use our sedation dental techniques on you. We will fully relax you so that you don’t feel a thing and you are not lying back full of fear. A whole new life awaits you. Come and get it.

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