A smile in need

Experiencing a dental emergency can be frightening, as you can panic about all the things that could go wrong. When injury or accident puts you into shock, reassurance can put the mind at rest. At Dental Beauty Islington, we like to make sure our patients can trust in us when they need an emergency dentist in North London.

It’s important to have fun when you can and have as many adventures as you can. It might be that you’re trying out skating for the first time, or that you’ve been doing it for most of your life. With adventure, comes the possibility of the unknown. Falling off a skateboard can be a laugh, but what if you happen to fall too hard and chip a tooth?

Emergency Dentist in North LondonInjuries such as these shouldn’t dampen the fun, and if you know where you can go if your smile needs an urgent fix, then they won’t. Put the number of an emergency dentist in North London in your phone and you can throw caution to the wind, knowing you’ve got back up if you need it. Being seen to as early as possible is important for the preservation of the remaining teeth, which is why we always try to make sure that emergency patients are given same day appointments at Dental Beauty Islington.

Taking the time to treat your teeth

At Dental Beauty Islington, your treatment won’t be rushed. Just because we want to look at your broken teeth as early as possible, doesn’t mean that your teeth won’t be thoroughly examined. We want to identify the problems that your accident may have caused, hoping that complications like infections can be avoided. That way, your emergency dentist in North London is looking out for both your future smile and oral health.

Relieving pain, fixing smiles

It’s not just a chipped or broken tooth that should be treated early. It might be that toothache, facial swelling or avulsed teeth are causing you pain. Dental avulsions can be intensely painful as the tooth becomes displaced from its socket. If you happen to knock out a tooth, try to keep it safe so that your emergency dentist in North London at Dental Beauty Islington can re-plant the original.

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