A birds-eye view of Botox in North London

When people say crow’s feet, do you think of the claws of the bird or the side of your eyes? It is more than normal for age to show in lines and wrinkles. While nature cannot be stopped, there are treatments that serve to ease the appearance of unwanted creases. Botox in North London is just one of the procedures that exists for cosmetic purposes, acting to contribute to your confidence in everyday life.

At Dental Beauty Islington, we like to know that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit us. Having a dentist that you’re familiar with can help you feel calm enough to voice any worries that could be hindering you and your smile.

Botox in North LondonReasons for choosing Botox in North London

Botox is used by dentists for patients who wish to ease the appearance of wrinkles. It works to cover a range of things that might appear naturally with time and offers solutions in wrinkle softening, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, eyebrow raising and even gummy smiles.

Botox in North London is injectable and that means avoiding any long-winded surgical procedures. It is applied to the face, working to relax the tiny muscles in the face, blocking the nerve impulses in them and in turn, smoothing the skin. If you have a busy lifestyle and feel like work is getting in the way of you wanting to treat yourself, the procedure itself takes about 5-10 minutes. Botox is therefore simple and efficient enough for you to arrange an appointment during a lunch hour.

Noticing the difference

You won’t notice the results of the treatment straight away, but you might expect to see a change a few days after your Botox in North London. Effects can usually be seen after 4-7 days, depending on every individual patient.

The effects of Botox itself usually last between 3-4 months and if you noticed a positive change from receiving the treatment, you can choose to receive it again. In its focus on cosmetics and aesthetics within dentistry, this treatment at Dental Beauty Islington simply serves to enhance your confidence and provide you with a non-surgical and painless procedure.

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